‘Footprint’, An Employee Engagement Project

‘Footprint’ was an employee engagement project with the Photography Department of Central St Martins. ‘Footprint’ explored the similarities and differences of film and digital photography, investigating the two mediums and different techniques through a series of lectures and three short projects. The lectures examined, amongst others, travel photography, composition and technique, fashion photography and Victorian photographic processes and pinhole cameras.

The first project explored the effect we have on the environment and how our actions affect others. The second project investigated marks, textures and movement through photography as a fine art medium, whereas the third project described a journey and looked at how, we and others, react in the same environment. This was also examined through looking for the mundane, which upon closer examination is found to be intriguing.

The overall aims of the projects were to provide an opportunity for inter-departmental interaction outside of the normal work environment while enhancing the participants’ general creative skills and technical competence. ‘Footprint’ provided the participants with guidance in taking photographs and generally encouraged their creativity and enthusiasm to continue to enjoy taking more and better images.

‘Footprint’ was commissioned by HS Projects and funded by Insight Investment.

‘Inside Out’, British Council Athens

HS Projects was invited by British Council, Athens and the Hellenic Migration Policy Institute (IMEPO) to participate in ‘Inside Out’, a two day conference in March 2006, part of an ‘Arts and Intergration’ initiative, examining ways arts can contribute to urban regeneration and undoing social exclusion in Greece and the UK.

For ‘Inside Out’ we delivered a series of workshops on how to commission, design and manage artist led workshops, exploring issues of integration and communication between different community and ethnic groups as well as issues of identity and representation. Our approach was that of a ‘Master Class’ where the conference participants were ‘walked’ through the structure of a typical example of a visual arts workshop programme themselves. The approach was designed to make it easier for them to implement a workshop programme when working wtih socially marginalised groups, especially with children and young adults, with the aim of encouraging self-esteem and improved self-image leading to greater integration.

At the end of each session there was a discussion to help crystallise the results, this was accompanied with information sheets.

Arts & Business New Partners Award

HS Projects received funds from the Arts & Business New Partners initiative to develop an ambitious series of workshops with lead artists Zatorski + Zatorski for the employees of Insight Investment.

Participating staff were encouraged to experiment with all sorts of visual language, from photography, to drawing, video, portraiture, text and a ‘happening’ at the end of the last workshop, offering them a wide spectrum of creative possibilities. Each workshop was carefully structured to feed into the next and so create a momentum and a sense of anticipation.

The theme of the project was ‘a journey’ and participants were tasked with taking photographs and experimenting with image-making using a variety of media to represent a journey, real or metaphorical. They explored visual language and creative thinking. A total of about 2,000 photographs, drawings and text pieces were produced during the project. The participants also created an artist’s book and a number of short video films which linked ordinary objects to extraordinary histories.