Seasons Greetings from HS Projects

Tapestry Girl I & II (2017) by Laura Ford from the exhibition ‘Playing Real Pretend’ at Howick Place, Victoria 2020.

Photograph by Thierry Bal.

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‘Home’ by Permindar Kaur

HS Projects is delighted to present ‘Home’, an exhibition of new and existing works by Permindar Kaur, surveying the artist’s continuing interest in the ‘public’ and ‘private’ and a common central question in her practice: ‘where is home?’.

Kaur presents a range of work from early in her career along with new works made specifically for this exhibition, including three major new sculptures, ‘Overgrown House’, 2020, a large steel structure, over 3 metres high with steel offshoots randomly growing around the fully grown house; ‘Untitled (Bed)’, 2020, converting this very public space into a bedroom in a private home; and ‘Untitled (Small Table & Chairs)’, 2020, challenging perceived notions of settlement and security associated with home.

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