‘Cluedo’, Artlab (Charlotte Cullinan + Jeanine Richards) with Dave Muller

We commissioned ‘Cluedo’ by Artlab (Cullinan Richards) for a site specific exhibition at the Marks & Spencer headquarters in Baker Street in 2000.

’Cluedo’ is the result of a collaboration between Charlotte Cullinan, Jeanine Richards and Los Angeles based artist, Dave Muller. It is a mixed media, multi-layered, parodic installation of 3 mannequins from Marks & Spencer dressed in the artists’ clothes, set against a background of an installation of paintings and drawings of their own and other artists’ works. The installation fuses personal histories with fiction and live performance as sculpture, while acting as a conceptual framework for an exhibition of other artists’ work.

“Charlotte Cullinan together with Jeanine Richards has produced, since 1997, collaborative work from traditional means: painting, sculpture, performance, drawing, film, video and photography. Much of this production has entered the world under the heading Artlab. Their medium is largely context. History–personal, family, geo-political, and that socially and culturally shared, or fictitious–is their primary material. The art that results–a fusion of documentation with fiction, lived personal histories and live performance–is often deployed, even when built from paintings, as a sculptural scenario and structural support for the incorporation of other work and documentation, as well as a platform for other artists.” – John Slyce, Contemporary, September 2006.

‘Cluedo’ was exhibited in 2000 and was part of the Marks & Spencer Head Office Cultural Programme, 1993 – 2004.