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‘Playing Real Pretend’ by Laura Ford

HS Projects is delighted to announce the opening of ‘Playing real pretend’ at 5 Howick Place, an exhibition of recent works, not shown in London before, by Laura Ford, one of the UK’s leading contemporary artists. 

Laura Ford’s sculptures are faithful representations of fantasy with sometimes bitter sweet and menacing qualities mixed with tenderness. Ford uses humour and an acute observation of the human condition to engage with wider social and political issues. Her work is intensely crafted but playful and she has used a range of media to realise her work including drawing, painting, performance, set design and has increasingly taken on the challenge of public art alongside museum and gallery shows.

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Digital Art Project

HS Projects is pleased to develop a digital art concept to proposal stage.  Working with a mix of emerging and mid career artists who source material from online archives, create internet responsive algorithms, immersive and time based works.

‘Opening the air and other stories’ by Jyll Bradley

HS Projects presents ‘Opening the air and other stories’ by Jyll Bradley at 5 Howick Place, an exhibition that brings together works from distinct eras of Bradley’s practice, including ’Opening the Air’, in collaboration with Sculpture in the City. 

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