Shelly Goldsmith

‘Banners’, Shelly Goldsmith

In 1998 HS Projects worked in collaboration with the River & Rowing Museum’s education officer to integrate the art commissioning process into the museum’s school outreach programme, an audience the museum particularly wished to engage with.

Shelly Goldsmith was selected on the basis of her design concept proposal that included a programme of workshops with local primary school children aged seven to eleven looking at a range of themes examining the life and history of the River Thames as a series of systems.

In the workshops run by Shelly Goldsmith under the museum’s education officer the children had the opportunity to work with the museum’s various collections. The resulting workshop designs from the children included imagery showing the evolution of river craft (leisure, sport and commercial) river wildlife and geology,

Shelly Goldsmith incorporated the children’s ideas with hers into designs for 6 banners which were then exhibited alongside the children’s works in the museum.