Nigel Ellis

‘Rising’, Nigel Ellis

For ‘Rising’, a site spefic public art commission for Prologis Park, Bromley by Bow, we acted as advisors to artist Nigel Ellis. We helped with negotiations with the commissioner, devised the project brief and budget, drew up the contract and established a structure and timeline to effectively manage the commission. Working with Ellis, we provided general project support from concept design to project completion, ensuring the commission was delivered seamlessly.

‘’…’Rising’ was made on commission by architects for a new development on the site next to the old Gas Museum building in Bromley By Bow, from where the whole of east London was once supplied. Like some others of my sculptures its form is therefore something of a celebration of disappearing industrial achievement. However, ‘Rising’ relates primarily to the balance and weight of the body as experienced from inside. The straight ‘cuts’ give a plumb line – like a sense of vertical sheerness, and there is an underlying sense of both responding to and lifting against gravity, with the topmost forms lifted out of each other, while lower forms are slightly compressed. It is an aspirational, optimistic sculpture which presents interesting views all round, while having two particularly strong profiles. …” (Nigel Ellis).

‘Rising’, 2003 was a site specific commission for Prologis Park, Bromley by Bow.

‘Wish’, Nigel Ellis

HS Projects was appointed by Gazeley Properties to deliver a section 106 public art commission to act as a marker for their new business park in Crayford, Kent.

In close collaboration with the developers, architects Higgs Young and Bexley Council we developed the project and artist brief for a site specific, low maintenance, robust sculpture that retained highway visibility.

Following a selection process, Nigel Ellis was commissioned for his response to the physicality of the site and the business of Optima Park, a business and warehouse distribution park. The simplicity and uncluttered clean lines of ‘Wish’, Ellis’s 4 meter high, powder coated steel sculpture, relates well to the architecture and functionality of the site.

HS Projects commissioned ‘Wish’ on behalf of Gazeley Properties for Optima Park, Crayford, Kent in 2004.