Jaime Bautista

‘Shared Values, Shared Visions?’, Jaime Bautista

HS Projects commissioned ‘Shared Values, Shared Visions?’, a collaborative project between lead artist Jaime Bautista and SMart network, a charity dedicated to empowering homeless and socially excluded people, based in the crypt of St Martins in the Fields.

The project developed a diversity of outlook and vision for the participants and resulted in an array of images that conveyed many issues and emotions, from grit and realism, to desire and optimism. Its aim was to question whether we all see things in the same way, or whether our circumstances fundamentally change our outlook. To one person, a building façade may represent a stunning piece of architecture; but to another, it is a potential shelter for the night.

The outcome of the project showed that, despite these differences, we all have very similar core hopes, fears and aspirations, and while we may share the same world, we view it from different perspectives.

‘Shared Values, Shared Visions?’ was funded by the Insight Community Arts Programme (2002 – 2015).

The project ran from January to June 2004.