David Adamo

David Adamo at Moorgate

HS Projects presented a site-specific exhibition of sculptural works by David Adamo in the lobby of Finsbury Circus House, in partnership with Ibid Gallery, London.

This is the first exhibition at Finsbury Circus House in Moorgate, London, part of a biannual exhibition programme that is aimed to engage, stimulate, and create dialogue in a multi-tenanted and much frequented building in the city of London. Finsbury Circus House is open to the public and is located between a Catholic church, with a historical connection to the building, and a tree lined square. 

This project consists of four unique cedar sculptures by David Adamo. Vertical wood sculptures standing like columns, with square bases and capitals, and vessel-like works, carved from red cedar beams (historically used in the making of totem poles) with an adze, a physically engaging way of working, with the resulting sculptures retaining a sense of the body at work. The space’s simplicity and strong architectural lines gives it a monumental, almost mausoleum-like quality, while the combination of Adamo’s small scale bronze work with the wooden totemic sculptures makes for an interesting dialogue with the space, juxtaposing the natural and manmade elements, the roughly carved wood sculptures, and the unexpected small scale bronze sculpture of a clementine peel.

David Adamo was at Finsbury Circus House from February to June 2017.