Anne Eggebert & Polly Gould

Eggebert & Gould, Milton Keynes Proposal

HS Projects was appointed by Gazeley Properties in 2006 to devise a public art strategy as part of the commissioning process for a ground breaking eco-friendly development for the Nova Business Park, Milton Keynes. We worked in close collaboration with the developers, Milton Keynes Council and English Partnerships in developing the public art strategy, artist brief and artist selection process for the main commission.

Following an extensive selection process and a shortlist of internationally acclaimed artists, Anne Eggebert & Polly Gould were commissioned in November 2007 for their concept that referenced the architecture of the monumental business distribution park with the experience of driving around Milton Keynes, a town screened by trees and embankments.

The artists developed their design for two sites, a square of densely planted silver birch trees within the development itself and a cinematic gateway sculpture surrounding a square of silver birch trees. The sculpture was designed to be animated by RGB colour LED spots to cast shadows of the trees against the translucent polycarbonate panels of the encasing structure. The lighting system was designed to be controlled by various weather sensors to react and reflect the local weather conditions. All materials were to be sourced from either recycled or recyclable components.

In 2009 Eggebert & Gould’s scheme was presented to the stakeholders who gave their approval and instructed the scheme to be prepared for planning. To date the scheme remains unrealised with only half the scheme completed with the planting of the square of silver birch trees within the development.