Katie Walker

Katie Walker

Public Seating, 2000 & 2002

Our brief was to identify a leading designer maker to respond to the use of both the sites of Leatherhead and St Albans.  Guided by her belief that: ‘Timber is our primary natural renewable resource and the most ecologically sound solution is to design with longevity in mind’, Katie Walker designed a new series of oak and steel seating.


The seating is comfortable, robust, easy to clean and maintain.  The curved forms subtly evoke the street patterns, while the use of oak reflects the timber framed buildings, some dating back to when St Albans was an important place of pilgrimage and part of England’s pilgrimage network.  Katie Walker’s public seating are already contemporary classics which will stand the test of time.


Katie Walker has won a number of design awards including Grand Design Award for best overall designer.