Research & Development Corporate Arts Partners, Plymouth

Funded by Arts Council South West, HS Projects undertook a research project in 2004 into cultural initiatives to support the urban regeneration plans for the city of Plymouth.

The project assessed the level of interest and involvement in the visual arts within the Plymouth business community both past and present, identified business organisations that could contribute to the cultural initiatives in support of Plymouth’s regeneration plans and established the grounds for such initiatives to happen.

An outcome of our project’s research established that most of the businesses we initially surveyed were curious about how the contemporary visual arts could support their business aims and objectives. Following post survey follow-ups, a viable proportion of surveyed businesses understood how the contemporary visual arts can make an invaluable contribution to achieving their aims and objectives.

The research project identified avenues for the corporate sector’s involvement ranging from developing a programme of workshops for their staff and the community, to sponsoring art events, starting a corporate collection, establishing an exhibition programme, establishing an arts club and setting up a corporate community arts trust. While ensuring that the potential to engage the arts, business world and local community of Plymouth was maximised, the project also outlined a best practice model for communicating big ideas to businesses while maintaining the highest standards for the contemporary visual arts.

During the project we consulted with: Plymouth City Council, Public Art South West, Arts & Business South West, Plymouth City Airport, Urban Splash, Plymouth Gin, ABP (Associated British Ports), Marks & Spencer, Lloyds TSB, Wrigleys, SWEB and P&O Developments, amongst others.