David Hugo

David Hugo

Above and Below Me, All Around Me, 1997

The transportation of goods and people through the medium of air and water is reflected in the experience of moving through the environment , the stairwell and floor area and so the at work.


The artwork in the stairwell has been designed to offer a variety of different points of view and so different visual and perceptual experiences. The viewer moving through the stairwell can look up, down and all around to experience the work differently each and every time she or he encounters the artwork.

The imagery was taken from the forms generated whilst researching Artificial Horizons 1,2 & 3, an earlier commission for adjacent offices.


The art creates a really good impression making the stairwell environment and the rotunda area appear clean, bright and cheerful.  I was really surprised to find these artworks here. 

It has completely defied my expectations of what is a multi-storey car park.  These environments usually have a poor image being scruffy, smelly and covered in graffiti. 

All my staff who have used this environment have been very surprised and impressed to find these artworks. 

Why arent more spaces like this?


Mike Whitton, Commercial Manager, Lufthansa Cargo, 1997