Peter Freeman

Peter Freeman

Ribbon of Light, 2002

Ribbon of Light is a 13 metre high light sculpture made with fibre-optics and mirror polish stainless steel, commissioned for the Golden Jubilee Wing, which was designed and built under a PPP contract. 


The artist brief was to design a site specific sculpture that integrated into the architecture of the site and related to the ebb and flow of activity, while conveying a sense of calm and comfort within an otherwise utilitarian and functional space.


Freeman’s response, a series of mounted polished steel panels with fibre optics running up in a column, in the heart of the atrium space, brought a subtle human dynamic through the rhythm of the light and colour changes washing up and down the work.  The colours of the fibre-optics are in the range of blues, aquamarines and whites and inspired by the changing patterns made by sunlight reflecting the sky and the sea.  Gently changing in colour, the sculpture creates a calming and soothing effect.


Peter Freeman sees his light sculptures as a process of looking for poetic solutions that bring colour and life into the built environment.  He is interested in exploring qualities of light and space, using electric light and digital technologies to realise luminous forms that create a positive ambience in their locations.  Ribbon of Light is one of Freeman’s light installations that integrate into the architectural envelope and transform existing structures.  Peter Freeman believes that the kinetic use of light encourages a positive relationship between object and audience and makes the sculpture reflexive in its location.