Sandra Blow, R.A. (1925 - 2006)

Sandra Blow, R.A. (1925 - 2006)

Flight Structure, 2013

Working in collaboration with Heathrow and BDP Architects, HS Projects examined a number of locations for Flight Structure in Heathrow’s current Head Office, the redeveloped Compass Centre and identified a site on the ground floor in the East Block. 


Flight Structure first underwent extensive restoration by Mike Smith Studios, including upgrading the lighting system from fluorescent to LED, complete re-wiring, and replacement of the stainless steel facia panels, re-configuring it into a free-standing work.  Flight Structure was installed into the ground floor of the Compass Centre East Block by Mike Smith Studios. 


Consideration was originally given by Blow for the screen to combine harmoniously with its surroundings in Terminal 3’s departures hall.  These architectural references are typical of Blow’s work especially since her collaboration with the architect Eric Defty in the 1970’s.  The shape and dimensions of Flight Structure were originally determined by the security gateway to airside.


This commission being Blow’s only large scale experimentation with glass, forms an important part of the artist’s body of work.  According to the artist herself: ‘Flight Structure is balanced to give the sense of a secure enclosure, whilst the luminous, coloured glass panels lift off into animation and gaiety,…with colours running across the top, taking off into flight.’