Footprint, 2008

Footprint, 2008

Footprint explored the similarities and differences of film and digital photography, investigating the two mediums and different techniques within a series of lectures and three short projects. 

The  lectures examined, amongst others, travel photography, composition and technique, fashion photography and Victorian photographic processes and pinhole cameras.

The first project explored the effect we have on the environment and how our actions affect others.  The second project investigated marks, textures and movement through photography as a fine art medium, whereas the third project described a journey and looked at how, we and others, react in the same environment.   This was also examined through looking for the mundane, which upon closer examination is found to be intriguing. 

The overall aims of the 3 projects were to enhance the general skill level and competence of the participants, provide guidance in taking photographs and generally encourage the participants’ creativity and enthusiasm to continue to enjoy taking more and better images. 

The project was commissioned by HS Projects and funded under the Insight Community Arts Programme.